Sustainable design

Our Architects, Development, and Contract Management teams work together to ensure our clients’ projects meet agreed environmental standards.

We promote quality in design through concepts like 'Building for Life' and proven urban design principles to create new distinctive housing solutions. This approach puts people and partnerships at the heart of our work, creating residential developments with character and strong sustainable communities.

We push for a holistic approach to environmental sustainability, encouraging thought and research about ecology, landscape, materials and technology, as well as capital costs and fuel bills.

We use our expertise to promote a low carbon, fabric first approach. We use software to assess the energy efficiency of the building envelope, maximising insulation levels, and working with contractors to source low carbon affordable materials and utilising air tight construction detailing.

We aim to deliver affordable products by creatively maximising density, continually reappraising feasibility studies, costs and using a range of contractors to tender for work.

We are proud to be part of Nottingham Community Housing Association and work for a variety of clients across the East Midlands.