Hannah explains our defects process

Hannah joined Pelham in 2020 with six years’ experience of working onsite with various private residential house builders. She feels right at home managing the Clerk of Works on her own developments across the East Midlands.

You will also find Hannah onsite meeting with residents discussing any aftercare and defects issues relating to their new build homes.

We recently joined her on a defects inspection visit to Matlock. This is what she has to tell us about the defects process;

“Every new build property comes with a 12 month defect period which begins on handover from the builder. All defects must be reported as soon as they are identified so we can arrange for the builder to visit and fix the problem.

“At the end of the 12 month defects period we offer a final defects inspection to review any issues. This is the last chance to report any defects directly with the builder.

“During the inspection we will complete a report detailing all the outstanding jobs. The builder will then arrange a convenient time and date to complete the jobs listed in the report.

“Once the 12 month period comes to an end the builder no longer has responsibility for any further defects. This is when the 10 year new home warranty takes over and they will be able to help with any further issues.”

If you expect the highest standard of quality on your construction project, and want to know that works have been carried out to the contract specification, a Clerk of Works is an essential part of your team. Contact us if you would like support on your next project.