Sridhar gains overheating qualification

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) has introduced a new Building Regulation, Part O. It is now a legal requirement for developers to provide an overheating risk assessment to show that they have reduced the risk of overheating in new build properties.

Pelham registered with the Elmhurst Overheating Competency Scheme to ensure the team have the expertise to meet these new requirements. We are delighted that Sridhar has now completed his assessment and is fully qualified to undertake overheating risk assessments on behalf of our clients.

Sridhar Linga, Senior Architectural Technician, said: “Summer temperatures are rising, so it is important to make sure the houses we design do not overheat during the summer time.

“In the past, housing design has been focused on keeping houses warm during winter, this approach has an unintended overheating effect during the summer.

“The overheating qualification I have gained, will enable us to simulate the houses in software at the design and planning stage. We will be able to investigate the potential overheating risk during summer seasons without compromising the heating requirements during the winter season. This calculation is now going to be vital for satisfying Part O in the Building Regulations.”

It's important for us to keep up-to-date with changing regulations and be qualified to deliver a comprehensive service to our clients. These new assessments will result in the creation of safe, comfortable and healthy homes for residents.